iMOD is an easy to use Graphical User Interface + an accelerated Deltares-version of MODFLOW
with fast, flexible and consistent sub-domain modeling techniques. iMOD facilitates very large, high resolution MODFLOW groundwater modeling and also geo-editing of the subsurface.

This is a html-version of the iMOD User Manual; we do not guarantee that its content is exactly the same as the official distributed pdf-version of the iMOD User Manual which is available for downloading on Also, this online version is not being updated every night (as opposed to the automated daily update of the draft-version of the pdf of the manual). Users are encouraged to report any error or inconsistency between the pdf- and html-version of the manual by sending an email to

iMOD User Manual version 4.3 (html)

(for the pdf of the iMOD User Manual, see

P.T.M. Vermeulen, F.J. Roelofsen, B. Minnema, L.M.T. Burgering and J. Verkaik. Deltares, Delft, The Netherlands.
July 17, 2019