iMOD User Manual version 4.4 (html)

11iMOD tutorials

This chapter contains the following tutorials:

Note: {installfolder} refers to the full path of the directory you installed iMOD in (e.g. D:\iMOD).

The tutorials come with a Tutorial Data Set located in {installfolder} \tutorials; in this manual {installfolder} \tutorials refers to the full path of the sub-folder . \tutorials, see Section 2.2. If the Tutorial Data Set subfolder . \tutorials is not present (anymore) on your computer, download it from and perform the following steps:

After the archive has finished self-extracting (it may take a while to extract more than 6600 files...) a new sub-folder tutorials has been created in the above chosen destination-folder.

Note: In this user manual {installfolder} \tutorials refers to the full path of the newly created tutorials-sub-folder, e.g. to D: \iMOD \tutorials.

The folder {installfolder} \tutorials contains a sub-folder for each individual tutorial: