iMOD User Manual version 4.4 (html)

2.9Tips and Tricks

2.9.1Keyboard shortcuts

Use the keyboard shortcuts to directly open a window without selecting the option from the menu bar.


Centre mouse button

Move Map (Pan).

Shift-right mouse button

Zoom Out.

Shift-left mouse button

Zoom In.

iMOD Manager


Open iMOD Manager Window.


New iMOD Project.


Open iMOD Project.


Save iMOD Project.


Open iMOD Project Manager Window.


Copy current presentation to Windows Clipboard.


Open iMOD Help-file (if available in the selected *.PRF file).


Add Map to the iMOD Manager.


Set map information (point, polygon, rectangle).

2.9.2Exporting Figures

The content of the graphical window can be exported in PostScript (*.PS), Bitmap (*.BMP), ZSoft PC Paintbrush (*.PCX) , Portable Network Graphic Image (*.png) and WMF (Windows Meta Files) format. In the File menu, select the option Export and select the appropriate export type finally. These files can be later imported in a Word document, for example or added as annex in a report. The option Copy to Clipboard from the View menu can also be used to copy directly the display in a Word document.

2.9.3Saving iMOD Projects

The content of the iMOD Manager can be save into a *.IMF file. Select the option Save or Save As from the File menu. On default, iMOD will save the content of the iMOD Manager each minute whenever the option Autosave On (1 minute) from the File menu is checked. This file will be called AUTOSAVE-IMOD.IMF and will be located in the directory {USER}\imffiles, where {USER} will be the directory assigned to the keyword USER in the used *.PRF file.

2.9.4Copying part of a Table

It is possible to copy part of a table in another document, an Excel sheet for example.

If the cursor is placed on a cell of the table, select a specific area by using the dragging the mouse while the left-mouse button is pressed. Then, using the shortcut Ctrl+C, this area can be copied and pasted into any other (commercial) Windows oriented software.