iMOD User Manual version 4.4 (html)

12.34Serial runtimes

The time that a simulation will consume depends on many things, e.g. the type of machine that you’re using (hardware), and the configuration of your model. So, the consumption of the ANI package is more than whenever the HFB package is used to simulate any type of horizontal anisotropy.


Figure 12.22: Computed run times for a single time step, for several different amount of nodes. The results are based on the simulation of the IBRAHYM model for 5843 time steps, and cell sizes varying in between 25m\(^2\) and 1000m\(^2\).

On average is seems that the simulation time is related to the number of nodes as follows:

\begin{align*} \textbf {Time}\left (seconds\right )=3.0^{-6}\times \textbf {Nodes}^{1.15} \times \textbf {Number of Time steps} \\ \textbf {Nodes}=\left (\frac {\textbf {Time}\left (seconds\right )}{3.0^{-6}\times \textbf {Number of Time steps}}\right )^\frac {1}{1.15} \end{align*}