iMOD User Manual version 4.4 (html)


Several settings can be initiated to configure the current iMOD session. These can be defined in a *.PRF file (see Section 9.1 for more information). On the menu bar, click the option File and then choose Prefences to open the corresponding Preferences Window.

Preferences window, Files/Paths tab:


Available *.PRF files

Display of all available *.PRF files in the folder in which iMOD was executed. Select one of them to load an iMOD configuration. Different *.PRF file can be stored to switch between different iMOD configurations quickly.


Select one of the keywords to inspect the value assigned to it underneath the tab. In this example above the keyword {user} has the value c:\users\peter\work\imodproject\user. To change any keyword, you should open the *.PRF in any third-party software, e.g. Notepad.


Open *.PRF-file
Click this button to search for a *.PRF-file on disk.


Use the selected *.PRF-file
Click this button to read the selected *.PRF-file and use its settings.


Click this button to close the Preferences Window.


Click this button to start the iMOD Help Functionality.

Preferences window, Colours tab:


Predefined Colours

The dropdown menu presents the current colour number. iMOD supports 50 predefined colours to be used as default in a variety of iMOD functionalities, e.g. plotting of Cross-Sections, TimeSeries.


Value of the red-component of the current default colour (0-255)


Value of the green-component of the current default colour (0-255)


Value of the blue-component of the current default colour (0-255)

Legend Default Colourset

Change and save the preferred default colour-settings for the 7 basic legend colours in the *.CLR-file. Changing the colours works as similar as described in Section 6.6.1.


Colour Selection
Click this button to open a default Colour window from Windows

Use iMOD Colour Set

Use the iMOD default legend colours, rainbow colouring:


Flip Colours. Click this option to “flip” the colour sequence, e.g. red becomes blue and blue becomes red.

Save As …

Save a *.CLR-file
Click this option to save the current default (legend) colours in a given *.CLR file.

Load …

Open *.CLR-file
Click this button to search for a *.CLR-file on disk. This type of file defines the default (legend) colours used by iMOD.

Preferences window, Dimensions tab:


Maximal no. Files in the iMOD Manager:

Maximum number of maps to be loaded in the iMOD Manager. This value can not be altered, a change can be applied in the source-code.

Maximal no. of Polygons:

Maximum number of polygons in a single *.SHP and/or *.GEN file.

Maximal no. of Coordinates on Polygons:

Maximum number of coordinates upon each polygon within a *.SHP and/or *.GEN file.