iMOD User Manual version 4.4 (html)

1.3Main functionalities

The capability of iMOD to rapidly view and edit model inputs is essential to build effective models in reasonable timeframes. The rapid and integrated views of the geologic / hydrostratigraphic models as well as dynamic model output is critical for the public, stakeholders and regulators to understand and trust the model as a valid decision support tool. iMOD is fast even when working from very large data files because it uses a random accessible data format for 2D grids which facilitates instant visualization or editing subsets of such a large grid file. Also iMOD contains very economic zoom-extent-dependent visualization techniques that allow subsets of grids being visualized instantaneously both in 2D and 3D. Another feature is that iMOD generates MODFLOW input direct in memory, skipping the time-consuming production of standard MODFLOW input files (generating standard MODFLOW input files in ASCII format for large transient models may take hours to a full working day); this efficiency is especially useful during the model building phase when checking newly processed or imported data.

iMOD includes the MetaSWAP-module developed by Wageningen Environmental Research (Alterra); for references to the separate MetaSWAP-documentation see Appendix A.2.8.