iMOD User Manual version 4.4 (html)

5.7Lines and Symbols

In the Overlays tab of the iMOD Manager window, click the Legend button to open the Lines and Symbols window, left for points (IPFs), right for lines (GENs, IFFs, ISGs).

Lines and Symbols window:

pictures/h1-h3/image194.png pictures/h1-h3/image195.png

Symbol No.:

Select one of the symbol numbers out of the dropdown menu. For lines (GENs, IFFs and ISGs) these types vary from solids, to dashed and stippled patterns (0 up to 7). For point data (IPFs) these types vary from between circles, triangles, rectangles and other shape forms (1-40):

Available marker set:



This field will display the symbol chosen from the drop down menu Symbol No.:.


Click this button to start the Legend window, see Section 6.6. This option is only available whenever an attribute is selected for plotting purposes on the Configure window, see Section 6.8.1.


Click this button to open the default Colour Selection window.


Enter the value of the thickness of the line (GENs and SHPs).


Enter the value of the size for the symbol (IPFs).

Fill Polygons

Select this checkbox to fill in the polygons (GENs and SHPs).

Plot Labels

Select one or multiple attributes to be plotted at the centre of a shape (rectangle, circle, polygon and/or lines). This is only supported for the iMOD BINARY GEN files, see Section 9.11.

Example of plotting polygons and selected attributes.



Select the size of the textsize used for the selected attributes.


Click this button to close the Lines and Symbols window without applying any changes.


Click this button to apply the configuration and close the Lines and Symbols window.


Click this button to start the iMOD Help Functionality.