iMOD User Manual version 4.4 (html)

6.9IFF Options

6.9.1IFF Configure

IFF-files (iMOD Flowpath Files) in iMOD represent line data generated by the Pathline Simulation function (see Section 7.14). This function uses IMODPATH to compute flowlines based on the budget terms that result from an iMODFLOW computation.

IFF Configure is used to define the settings for display and assigns a symbol, colour or label to the flowlines. The options are similar to the IPF Configure function (see Section 6.8.1).

Select the menu option IFF Configure from the IFF-options menu in the Map menu to display the IFF Configure window. Or, use right-click anywhere on the canvas to open the popup menu. Select the option IFF-options and then choose IFF Configure.

IFF Configure window:


The IFF-configure window is comparable to the IPF-configure window (see Section 6.8.1) except that some functions are not active.


Not active


Not active


Not active

Sec. Z-Crd.:

Not active


Not active

Sight Depth

Select and specify an interval in meters, over which points need to be displayed.

Single Colour

Select this option to display all points with the same colour.

Colour …

Select this button to display the default Colour window in which a colour can be specified. The current colour is displayed to the right of this button.

Apply Legend to

Select this option to colour the lines according to the selected attribute that is chosen in the dropdown menu at the right.

Define Colouring
and Styles…

Select this option to display the Lines and Symbols window, Section 5.7.

Define Labels to
be Plotted

Not active

Y-axes for
associated files

Not active


Click this button to start the iMOD Help Functionality (if available in the selected *.PRF file).


Select this button to apply the settings and close the IPF Configure window.