iMOD User Manual version 4.4 (html)

6.5Grouping IDF Files

Different files in the iMOD Manager may be identified, analysed and/or displayed at the same time. For example, you want to analyse the differences between two model simulations and/or combine these with geohydrological cross-sections. To control the number of files in the iMOD Manager, it can be helpful to minimize (grouping) the number of files in the iMOD Manager in to a so-called MDF (Multi-Data-File). Use the following steps to create an MDF file:

After you entered a file name, iMOD will create an MDF-file. An MDF-file lists all the selected IDF-files in one single file. iMOD will remove all files from the iMOD Manager and reads in the created MDF file instead. The content of that file can be displayed via the option Info on the Map Info window. The following window will be displayed.

MDF Files (sorter) window:



Open IDF
Click this button to open an IDF-file, it will be added to the MDF-file whenever you click the Ok button.


Click this button to remove the selected files from the MDF-file.


Click this button to move the selected files one position up in the list.


Click this button to move the selected files one position down in the list.


Click this button to display the description of the MDF-file.


Click this button to adjust the legend of the selected IDF-file

Display Fullnames

Click this option to display the entire pathnames for the IDF-files.


Click this button to save the adjustments to the MDF-file. After that it will close the MDF Files (sorter) window.

Help …

Click this button to start the iMOD Help Functionality.


Click this button to close the MDF Files (sorter) window without any changes.

To ungroup a MDF-file, select the menu option Map and choose the option IDF Options and then the option IDF Ungroup MDF.

Note: The IDF-file that is selected in the MDF-file will be used to plot on the graphical canvas. If multiple files are selected, only the first will be plotted though. The properties of the IDFs are known as all attributes (legend, cross-section types, colours, aliases) of the IDFs are copied into the MDF-file too.

Note: The order in which the IDF-files are listed is the same order as which they appear in the Map Value, Cross-Section Tool and 3DTool. Moreover, MDF-files will be displayed in graphs separate from the files that are not in the MDF-file(s), see Section