iMOD User Manual version 4.4 (html)

5.2Goto XY

This functionality will offer the possibility to zoom on a centre point of interest. On the menubar click View and then choose the option Goto XY to open the corresponding window.

Goto XY window:


X- and Y coordinate (m)

Check this option to enter coordinates (X and Y) to zoom on.

iCOL (max. 5,800)
iROW (max. 6,680)

Check this option to enter column and row indices to zoom for. In this case the limits for the column and row indices are 5,800 and 6,680, respectively. Those are based on the dimensions of the selected IDF.


Select an IDF in the dropdown menu. You can select out of those listed in the iMOD Manager.

Zoom (m)

Select a range for the zoom level out of the dropdown menu. The final zoom level will be at the maximum amount of cells fitting in the y-direction in the map-window, e.g. Zoom level = 100 m, cell size = 25 m; at this zoom level a box of 4x4 cells will be completely shown in the middle of the map-window.


Adjust the zoom level, closes the Goto XY Window and redraws the canvas


Click this button to start the iMOD Help Functionality (if available in the selected *.PRF file).


Leave the current zoom level unchanged and close the Goto XY Window.