iMOD User Manual version 4.4 (html)

6.11GEN Options

iMOD supports several basic functionalities to display GEN-files. These GEN-files can be loaded in the Map tab or the Overlays tab on the iMOD Manager (see Section 5.4). Whenever a GEN-file is loaded on the Overlays tab, the only purpose is drawing the GEN file (with/without labels), as a GEN file loaded on the Map-tab it serves as a “cookie-cutter” in the 3-D Tool (see Section 7.3.6).

GEN files on the Overlays (left) and Map (right) tab:

pictures/h4/gen_overlays.png pictures/h4/gen_maps.png

6.11.1GEN Configure

Each GEN file can be plotted differently to distinguish it from different GEN file(s).

GEN Configure is used to define the settings for display and assigns a symbol, colour or label.

GEN-files in iMOD represent polygons, points, lines, circles, and/or rectangles that can be displayed in different ways. Select the menu option GEN Configure from the GEN Options menu in the Map menu to display the GEN Configure window.

GEN Configure window:



Select this option to display all polygon(s) or lines with the same colour. Depending whether you’ve selected the Fill Polygons option on the Define Colouring and Styles window, see Section 5.7, the polygon will be filled in or the polygon will be outlined.

Pick Colour …

Select this button to display the default Colour window in which a colour can be specified. The current colour is displayed to the right of this button, green is used in the example above.

Apply to

Select this option to colour the polygons according to the selected attribute that is chosen in the drop down menu at the right. A legend can be assigned identical to other iMOD files, e.g. IDF, IPF.

Colouring and Styles…

Select this option to display the Lines and Symbols window, see Section 5.7.

Labels …

Select this button to display the Define Labels to be Plotted window, see Section 6.8.2.


Click this button to start the iMOD Help Functionality.


Select this button to apply the settings and close the GEN Configure window.

Example of uniform colouring of a GEN-file, using the Fill Polygons option (left) or outline option (right):


Example of legend colouring of a GEN-file, using the filled in option (left) or outline option (right):


Example of labeling polygons of a GEN-file:


6.11.2GEN Export

Each GEN file can be exported into an ASCII and/or BINARY GEN file. An ASCII GEN file is editable outside iMOD via a regular text editor, a BINARY GEN file is editabel inside iMOD only. The advantage of a BINARY GEN file is that it is much faster to process than an ASCII GEN file. This is particular recommended for large GEN files used for frequent background plotting.

GEN Export is used to export the selected GEN file into a different format (ASCII or BINARY).

GEN-files in iMOD can be loaded into the iMOD Manager, once selected they can be exported via the menu option GEN Export from the GEN Options menu in the Map menu to display the GEN Configure window.