iMOD User Manual version 4.4 (html)


DAT-files can be used to associate information to GEN-files (see section Section 9.11.1). The DAT-file should have the same name as the GEN-file. The ID\({}_{i}\) number(s) for the polygons is used to relate to the proper ID in the DAT-file. The syntax of a DAT-file is simple.


Header label for each column. The first column is reserved for the ID number to relate to the ID number of the associated GEN-file.


Enter a value for each column for each unique ID value in the associated GEN-file.

Example of a DAT-file:


Note: It is possible, however, to relate more polygons with identical ID numbers, to the same ID in the DAT-file.

Note: The different data for each field should be delimited by a single (or more) space(s), or a comma. Do not use tabs as delimiters! Entries that contain spaces should be encapsulated by quotes, e.g. Het Rif should be entered as ‘Het Rif’.