iMOD User Manual version 4.4 (html)

4.3Create an ISG-file

Select the main option Edit and then choose the option Create Feature and then the option ISGs and then the option RIV Applicable... or SFR Applicable.... Thereafter you need to enter a name for the ISG to be created. Once a valid file name has been entered, iMOD will create the necessary files that relate to an ISG file, see Section 9.9. After that, the ISG Edit window will start in which it is possible to add and/or modify the outline of the content of the ISG file, see Section 6.10.3.

Note: The content of the files depends on the chosen applicability of the ISG-file. The SFR type of ISG has more attributes in the ISG than the RIV type of ISG file. The latter is used for the conventional RIV/DRN package, as the SFR type of ISG file is specially development to support the SFR package. Moreover, this SFR type of ISG file cannot be used in conjunction with a runfile