iMOD User Manual version 4.4 (html)

7.21Compute Timeseries

The time-dependent results of a transient model are converted to timeseries for specified locations, e.g. at boreholes. The variation in time of the head (and of the budget-terms if desired) can be viewed in a graph and is available for processing outside iMOD.

The Compute Timeseries option checks the available model output of the selected model and reads the IDF-files at locations read from an IPF-file or defined interactively on the map. The result is stored in an IPF-file which can be viewed in iMOD.

The functionalities of the Compute Timeseries window are very similar to the Compute Waterbalance window (see Section 7.18.1). Only the specific functions in the Input tab of theCompute Timeseries window are described here.

Select the option Toolbox from the main menu and then choose Compute Timeseries to open the Compute Timeseries window.

Compute Timeseries window, Input tab:



Click this button to open an IPF-file, see Section 9.7 for more details. The IPF-file contains the locations where the time-series are generated.


Click this button to start drawing the point locations on the map by clicking the left mouse button. Stop using the right mouse button and save the points in an IPF-file.


Click this button to start the computation of the time series. You should enter a name for the resulting IPF-file.