iMOD User Manual version 4.4 (html)


Throughout the iMOD application it is possible to import or export data for and into a CSV-file format (comma-separated-values file). The syntax for those files is simple and straightforward and equal to a DAT-file format (see Section 9.12).


Header label for each column.


Enter a value for each column, use quote for entry fields that contain spaces, comma’s, e.g. Klompen Plein should be noted as “Klompen Plein”.

Whenever a CSV is imported in iMOD the Read CSV-file window is shown. For each parameter that needs to be assigned (depending on the calling interface, see Section, this window links the parameter read from the CSV-file to the column in the CSV-file.

Read CSV-file:


Field in the Table:


Click this checkbox to use the associated column for the corresponding column, e.g. the Distance parameter will be read from the column with the label X.


The rows for this column will be filled in automatically based on the parameters needed from the calling interface.

Column Label

Select the appropriate column in the CSV-file to be assigned to the parameter listed in the Parameter column.

Constant Value

Enter a value to be used as a constant value for all rows in the CSV-file.


Click this button to import the data from the CSV-file and use the read value for the appropriate Parameters.

Help …


Click this button the cancel the import from the selected CSV-file.