iMOD User Manual version 4.4 (html)


A CCF file describes the cross-section of a river and can be inserted to one or more ISG river segments. The CCF file is used in the iMOD BATCH function GEN2ISG. The File syntax for CCF-files is very simple and stored in ASCII-format. In this way these type of files can be easily edited and/or created outside iMOD with other (commercial) software. The formal syntax is as follows and prescribed:


data columns in the datablock ’X,Y’


each line contains the description of a point in the cross section

X: relative horizontal position from the centre of the cross section [m]

Y: relative vertical position from the bottom of the cross section [m]

Example of an CCF-file:

-10 5
-5 0
5 0
10 5

The following figure shows the cross section described by the above CCF file :